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May 2016

Why the Twitter Buy-Button was doomed to fail


Twitter is making headlines today. As Alex Kantrowitz, News Reporter at BuzzFeed, broke the story, that the company has most recently curtailed product development on its Buy Button and shifted its commerce team into other divisions within the company. What seems to be surprisingly at first, could have been foreseen: In fact, the Twitter Buy Button was doomed to fail, says our Founder and CEO Fabian Spielberger. Find out more about his view at medium.com.


Yesterday our German social commerce platform mydealz.de has launched the new version 4.0 of its iOS and Android app – not only for the mydealz team, but also for the mydealz community another big and long-awaited step: Within only 24 hours, the already 490,000 mydealz users have posted 2,000 mostly positive comments and downloaded the app far more than 10,000 times. As a result, the mydealz app is currently listed on rank number one of the official iTunes shopping charts, ahead of major players such as eBay, H&M and Zalando. The reasons for the success are various: On the one hand it has been a long-awaited update that fixes several bugs, on the other hand we have added features that seem to meet the pulse of time by strengthening the dialogue between consumers.

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It’s the tenth of May today and the first four month have already passed. Time to have another look at the recent developments in eCommerce and specially Social Commerce that is still seen as an upcoming trend, though retailers and online marketers pay more and more attention to this (not very) new sales and marketing channel. Here are some of the articles you shouldn’t miss.

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Did you know that every second French is using social networks, but that Facebook and Co. have only contributed 1.63 % to the Top-25 internet retailer’s reach in the first quarter of 2016. It’s nearly the same with smartphones and tablets: Though the market penetration of tablets and specially smartphones is quite high, 64.55 of all French consumers their desktop computer or notebook to shop online. We have put to together these and other facts and figures that might be interesting for you, specially in case if you want to get active in France, Europe’s third biggest eCommerce market.

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