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How to prevent and react on price glitches

German blogs such as Exciting Commerce or Internet World are currently discussing the case of GetDigital.de, an eCommerce player that sells “geek stuff” such as clothes and gadgets. Due to an error consumers were able to combine two voucher codes to purchase a fair trade shirt for €5 instead of €9.95. The mydealz community got aware of this opportunity and ordered the shirt more than 1,000 times within a few hours. Of course, this news doesn’t only attract journalists, but also scares other retailers. Luckily, price glitches are very seldom and easy to prevent.

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Running several of the widest-reaching Social Commerce networks such as Dealabs (France) , DesiDime (India), HotUKDeals (United Kingdom) or mydealz (Germany), we are permanently in touch with merchants. Some of them have already gained a profound understanding of how Social Commerce is working. Some others are new to Social Commerce and need to get advice. These are the seven golden rules every marketer should follow to turn their Social Commerce campaign into a success.

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How to turn the Christmas season into a success

Christmas is just ahead of us — the time of the year with the highest turnover. And we are already right in the middle of this year’s season. According to a study carried out by Google, 17 % of all consumers start to buy their christmas presents in October, 23 % in November and 60 % will purchase their gifts in December. During the christmas season 2014 US retailers generated $3.19 trillions in turnover. But how can you secure yourself a piece of the cake? This guide leads you through the hottest phase of the year.

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