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August has already passed and so it’s time to take a another look at what happened in Social Commerce during the last four weeks: While Twitter has introduced Promoted Stickers and is going to charge advertisers at least $500,000 for them, Facebook is said to improve its platform and messenger for merchants. To let you know  what else happened, we have put together the latest articles on Social Commerce.

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Digitas LBI, an online marketing and technology agency headquartered in Boston/USA, has published a new study on consumer behavior – and it’s full of useful insights for people who are engaged in Social Commerce: Focussing on a) how consumers make their purchase decisions, b) how many of them expect delivery within one day and c) if they take trust into a sales advisers expertise, Digitas LBI was able to figure out some national characteristics and patterns consumers from across the world have in common.

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For many years the United States have been considered as the biggest eCommerce market of the world. Not only Amazon and eBay were founded here, but also several renown (internet) retailers such as Groupon, Macy´s, Walmart and Zappos. But times have changed: Today Asian players such as Alibaba, Aliexpress and JD.com are about to outshine their American competitors. While American online shoppers spent $483 billion for their purchases in 2014, China-based retailers have generated a turnover of $538 billion. There are reasons for America’s loss of significance, even in the field of Social Commerce.

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Okay guys, it’s the fourth of August – time for our monthly review on what has happened in Social Commerce so far. And to be honest, we are a little bit disillusioned at the moment. When we came up with our “Five reasons why 2016 will be the year of Social Commerce” piece back in January 2016 we were confident that things are going to move on more quickly. But as the experience of the recent months teaches us, major players such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are still struggling to get their foots on the ground. Good for us as we are still growing and strongly benefitting from our market-leading positions, but a few attempts of Snapchat, Instagram and Carousell are worth mentioning, too.

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The current state of social commerce


Social commerce is said to be one of this year’s marketing trends as more consumers rely on recommendations from their friends and other shoppers when making their purchasing decisions. But how do consumers across the world and in the UK use deal-sharing communities like HotUKDeals to do their shopping?

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Why Social Commerce isn’t failing

Social Commerce isn't going go fail

Buy Buttons have been heavily discussed during the last couple of months as major players such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are going to implement those buttons and other advertising formats for internet retailers to monetize on eCommerce. But now as Twitter decided to curtail product development on its Buy Button and shifted its commerce team into other divisions within the company, first doubts are expressed. Andrew Meola, writer for Business Insider’s premium research service BI Intelligence, has even come up with the theory that Social Commerce is failing because most Social Media users aren’t very likely to click on a Buy Button. In our eyes, Andrew Meola’s article is typical for the discussion about Social Commerce that is insufficient and superficial in at least three aspects.

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Why the Twitter Buy-Button was doomed to fail


Twitter is making headlines today. As Alex Kantrowitz, News Reporter at BuzzFeed, broke the story, that the company has most recently curtailed product development on its Buy Button and shifted its commerce team into other divisions within the company. What seems to be surprisingly at first, could have been foreseen: In fact, the Twitter Buy Button was doomed to fail, says our Founder and CEO Fabian Spielberger. Find out more about his view at medium.com.



Did you know that every second French is using social networks, but that Facebook and Co. have only contributed 1.63 % to the Top-25 internet retailer’s reach in the first quarter of 2016. It’s nearly the same with smartphones and tablets: Though the market penetration of tablets and specially smartphones is quite high, 64.55 of all French consumers their desktop computer or notebook to shop online. We have put to together these and other facts and figures that might be interesting for you, specially in case if you want to get active in France, Europe’s third biggest eCommerce market.

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Speaking about social commerce doesn’t mean to speak only about another sales and marketing channel. If you want to be successful with social commerce, you will always have to keep the image of your brand in mind and to fulfill the needs of your (potential) customers. That’s why a study carried out by the German market research company Fittkau & Maaß Consulting has aroused our interest. Fittkau & Maaß has interviewed 3,192 online shoppers to find out which are their biggest pain points regarding delivery and return processes. The results will help you to avoid mistakes and increase the happiness of your customers.

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These are Europe’s biggest social networks


Twitter has celebrated its tenth anniversary on March 20 and took this occasion to unveil some facts and figures about its user base in Europe: In Germany, for instance, twelve million people are currently using Twitter to post and interact with short messages. But how big is Twitter compared to other social networks in Europe and which are the most important social networks in countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and United Kingdom? Similar Web answers these questions.

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